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Tervitame avalikku huvi VKG tegevuse ja projektide vastu ning anname endast parima, et tagada info kättesaadavus ja läbipaistvus, kui see on äritegevuse seisukohalt võimalik. Siit lehelt saad tellida VKG uudiskirja, alla laadida fotosid galeriist ja tutvuda videotega.

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Irina Bojenko

Public Relations Manager

+372 334 2702 +372 523 2700

Palume suunata kõik Viru Keemia Grupi kontserni ja tütarettevõtete tegevusega seotud meediapäringud ja küsimused suhtekorraldusjuhile.

Images and video

Video clips and photos for use in news media and documentaries can be downloaded directly from our photo and video gallery. They are available free to the media and VKG partners.

Our archives contain film clips about VKG’s work and activities, as well as high-resolution image files that can be downloaded free for use in the press, provided that the name of the author and “© Viru Keemia Grupp” are added to the material. Click on the buttons below to download photos and videos. For information on the use of the images for non-journalistic or commercial purposes, please contact us at .

Key reports

VKG’s key reports: annual reports, sustainable development reports and other analyses.

VKG yearbook

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About us

Viru Keemia Group is a large Estonian industrial enterprise whose mission is to add value to oil shale through shale oil and energy production. We are the world’s largest shale oil producer and the second largest electricity producer in Estonia. We strive to meet ever-increasing energy needs while minimising the impact of our production on the surrounding environment.

The group is composed of the Ojamaa oil shale mine, three Petroter and four Kiviter oil shale processing plants, a power plant, and electricity and heat distribution companies.