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Our goal: a safe work environment

In our daily work, we strive to be a recognised leader in the field of industrial safety and a promoter of a safe work environment, and we believe that all accidents related to people, the environment and assets are preventable.

We expect our managers to focus on developing a strong safety culture based on VKG values. Our work environment undergoes regular maintenance in accordance with all relevant norms and our occupational safety instructions are kept up to date.

We prioritise the prevention of injuries, industrial diseases and major accidents. The goal of being injury-free is part and parcel of our thinking and work environment, and we develop and improve our safety culture constantly.

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    life-saving rules

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    people trained in first aid

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    TRIR, number of industrial accidents per 200,000 hours of work

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    industrial accidents in 2022

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    VKG subsidiaries have received the international ISO 45001 standard compliance certificate, which makes possible the development of industrial safety management systems integrated into all business activities.

Safe working environment

A good working environment is the basis for workers’ health, occupational safety and management.

As an industrial enterprise, ensuring the safety of our employees is of utmost importance to us. Our employees are our most valuable asset and therefore we strive to always ensure safe work conditions and to reduce the number of work sites with adverse work conditions. To this end, we focus on continually improving our occupational safety management system and improving safety levels by implementing best practices and state-of-the-art technologies. We are constantly looking for innovative solutions to make our employees’ work safer and to advance the work culture.

The VKG Group has implemented an occupational safety and workers’ health protection programme. For example, the programme includes a long-term strategy for disease prevention, including regular health check-ups and vaccinations, first aid training and other measures. Every employee undergoes a medical examination at least once every three years.

Our goal is to avoid serious workplace accidents, including in the operations of our partners and subcontractors.


Preventing and avoiding technological and natural emergencies is our main priority.

The group has developed a rapid response system and an emergency response plan, which have been coordinated with appropriate authorities and ensure a rapid and efficient response to possible emergencies. Continued investment in response equipment, staff training, collaboration with interest groups and practical exercises help protect people and goods.

Simple Life-Saving Rules

Our employees’, subcontractors’ and guests’ safety in VKG production areas is our top priority. We have developed nine life-saving rules and made them mandatory to prevent accidents at work.

  • Before you start working, make sure it is safe to do so. If the work conditions or activities are unsafe, stop at once.

  • A valid permit is necessary for special jobs.

  • Use fall protection when working at heights.

  • Always make sure that the equipment is in working order.

  • You must have a written permit from the unit chief to switch off protective equipment and emergency protection.

  • Lift safely! Keep clear of the load and the danger zone.

  • Use the required personal safety equipment.

  • Being at work while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or toxic or psychotropic substances is prohibited.

  • Smoking outside designated smoking areas is prohibited.

Speak Up!

We believe that it takes all of us to achieve our goals. We commonly include our workers in occupational safety-related discussions and workshops. All employees can also stand for election as work environment representatives who participate in the work environment council. Work environment representatives are elected by employees. They have seats on the work environment council tasked with improving safety at work.