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About us

Viru Keemia Grupp is a private Estonian large-scale industrial enterprise. We focus on oil shale mining, shale oil, combined heat and power production and production and marketing of fine chemical products. Our central values are openness, dedication to our work, and continuous development. We believe that every step and every action we take must create value for everyone – our employees, partners, clients, and the local community alike. Our mission is the valorisation of oil shale – the brown gold of Estonia.

Viru Keemia Grupp, a private capital based enterprise located in Kohtla-Järve, is the largest shale oil producer in Estonia, proudly continuing the Estonian tradition of adding value to oil shale that dates back to 1924. The enterprise is based on private capital since 1997 as a result of the privatisation of AS Kiviter.

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    the world’s biggest shale oil producer

Our values

VKG’s values are the best representation of our spirit and energy, helping us to set goals and guiding our decisions, actions and communications. Values express the ideals we strive towards on a daily basis.


We promote transparency, diversity and new perspectives.


We work together as a single team, sharing knowledge and helping each other achieve success. We respectfully collaborate with our business partners, the local community and society to further earn their trust.


We’re curious, innovative and business-focused, constantly striving to do better. We are forward-thinking, looking for opportunities and managing risks. We invest in our people, develop our technologies and continue to contribute to a positive working environment.

We act sustainably, ethically and in a socially responsible way.

Have a look at our Code of Ethics.

Key points of our vision

Always competitive

The principles behind our future value creation are continuing as the leader of the sustainable Estonian oil shale industry in the changing market conditions and being an innovative world leader in exploring the potential of oil shale. The key to both lies in enhancing efficiency. We take safe and coordinated actions to resolve the challenges facing the industry and use its opportunities to their full potential.

The renewal of the shale oil industry

Continual development is essential for success. We simplify and standardise our activities through innovation, radical changes, and broad-based collaboration. We develop our technologies to create lasting value and work better, smarter, and more efficiently.

Adding maximal value to oil shale and lengthening its value chain has always been our goal and leading principle. VKG’s current value chain is the longest in Estonia and among the longest globally.


Our strategic goals


  1. Ensuring the availability of raw material
  2. Extracting maximum energy from oil shale
  3. Adding maximum value to final products
  4. Creating an efficiency-oriented organisational culture
  5. Offering a competitive cost price for shale oil

VKG supports

We are pleased and proud to support the activities of talented young people to advance and actualise their talents in sports, culture, and education.