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Traineeship at VKG

We welcome trainees from vocational and higher education institutions in different fields: mechanics, automation, energetics, geotechnology, environmental technology, fuel technology, chemical technology, business and information technology, economics, laboratory staff, electricians and welders.

Why choose a traineeship at VKG?

  1. A strong mentoring programme with leading experts in the field.
  2. An opportunity to act and stand out.
  3. Career opportunities for the bold and the bright.
  4. We recognise there is a lot for us to learn from young people, too.

Traineeship to Work

Our doors are open to promising trainees: the rest is up to you, because all subsidiaries of the group are ready to welcome you with open arms.

Anton, electrical engineer

How to apply for a traineeship?

If you are interested in a traineeship at Viru Keemia Grupp,

  • fill in the electronic application form
  • or submit your CV at .

We will contact you with a response to your application within two weeks from the date of submission.

Marina Setdikova

HR Specialist

+372 334 2233