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Sale of Heat and Electricity

A hundred years of experience in refining oil shale has taught us to get much more than just oil out of oil shale. Refining oil shale in VKG means the combined production of oil, heat and power, which is the most eco-friendly and economically efficient way to use this resource.

Environmentally sustainable heat production

Since 2013, the group has been using a more environmentally friendly process for heat production: heat is produced from waste gases generated in the course of oil shale processing. This solution allows us to significantly reduce the levels of unavoidable emissions inherent in heat production and to offer the client the safest and cheapest possible heat by maximising the potential of local production.

VKG Energia produces thermal energy and sells it to an external partner who in turn supplies heat to more than 30,000 end consumers. Customers are connected to the network areas of the Ahtme, Sompa and Järve city districts and of the Jõhvi rural municipality.



Electricity and power for business clients


A reliable partner for energy-intensive businesses. We produce and sell electricity to customers in all regions. We also supply business customers with heat and industrial vapour.

Sales Information and Inquiries

Andry Pärnpuu

VKG Energia

Member of the Board