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VKG Oil manufactures adhesive resins for rubber and wood processing industries.

Resins for the Wood Processing Industry



UF-30 resin is used in the manufacture of particle board, fibre board, plywood and furniture.

UF-30 technical specifications

PF-3013 ja PF-3014


VKG Oil has historically been a producer of the phenol formaldehyde resins PF-3013 and PF-3014, used in the manufacture of plywood, particle board and fibre board. Production can be adjusted according to market demand.

PF-3013 technical specifications

PF-3014 technical specifications

Shipped in
IBC containers or loaded into truck tanks.

Other packaging options possible by request, subject to availability.

Storage life
2 months from the date of production.

Rubber Industry and Casting Resins

Resins manufactured from alkylresorcinols are used as the resorcinol component in powder bonding systems to increase the adhesiveness of cort to rubber.


Using resins ensures excellent bonding and durability. Resins should be hardened using in situ technologies with formaldehyde, hexamethoxymethylmelamine or hexamethylenetetramine. Alkylresorcinol-based resins harden faster than resorcinol resins.



SF-281 resin is obtained by polycondensation of shale phenols and alkylphenols with formalin in the presence of a catalyst. An additive is added to reduce dusting and caking during storage.



  • In rubber mixtures to improve the adhesiveness of rubber to cort, and to increase the wear resistance of car tires and rubber products;
  • Manufacture of casting moulds;
  • Manufacture of refractory materials from dolomite (binder);
  • Manufacture of flying targets for shooting sports (binder).

SF-281 technical specifications

International equivalents: POWERPLAST PP-1861T, PENACOLITE-B-19S and TECHNIC B19S.

Shipped in
big polyethylene bags

Other packaging options possible by request, subject to availability.

Net weight
Up to 1100 kg

Storage life
6 months from the date of production.

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