May 2010

VKG has joined the Global Reporting Initiative

In May VKG prepared a Report on Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development where it publishes data on economic, ecological and social impact of the enterprise.

The main objective of the report is making the activity of the biggest Estonian oil enterprise transparent for people. The report covers data from previous activity periods 2008 and 2009 and includes a forecast for this year. Today the report is accessible on the internet page of the enterprise in Estonian language, and in May it would be possible to acquaint oneself with this information in both Russian and English languages. The report has been prepared with the assistance of the Estonian office of the advisory Ernst&Young.

Mr. Taavi Saat, Head of business advisory services, said: “All successful enterprises worldwide report on a regular basis about their impact on social and natural environment. On our estimate, VKG is the first Estonian enterprise having made a report on social responsibility and sustainable development in accordance with all international requirements in effect. This report shows data being the activity basis of VKG. It has been a fruitful cooperation for us, in the process of which Ernst&Young has got a valuable experience in the field of social responsibility reporting”.

President of the Board Priit Rohumaa: “Year by year ever more companies pay their attention to the conception of social responsibility. We support this initiative and take our first step towards this direction by making our activity transparent. We hope other Estonian companies would follow us and take part in this initiative and publish their principal data”.

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