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Project Management Services

From Changing a Light Bulb to High-Voltage Substation Construction


Viru RMT’s activities are characterised by two special features:

  • we are a project-based company and do most of our work as projects;
  • we offer comprehensive complex solutions in any production category, in any combination.

We treat project management as managing the development of the object. We regard project planning as a continuous process aimed at fulfilling set goals. This requires combining and coordinating best practices and taking into account success factors.

Competition in the market requires companies to cut production costs, boost the efficiency and operational capacity of management, and improve quality, i.e. it requires transitioning to a “cost-effective” production strategy. Viru RMT’s integrated service offers our clients an advantage through optimised solutions, and increases the competitiveness of their companies.

More information about the project management service is available on the Viru RMT website.

Sales Information and Inquiries

Oleg Jerjomin

Project manager

+372 5685 7535