Social responsibility

Social responsibility and sustainable development principles

VKG is one of the most industrious promoters of the social responsibility concept in Estonia.

Together with 19 other enterprises in December 2012 VKG founded the network of responsible entrepreneurship in Estonia, aimed at popularising and promoting the concept to Estonian entrepreneurs The general priorities within the framework of responsible entrepreneurship are as follows:

Environmental conservation
The goal of VKG is to remove the impact of industry or reduce it to a minimum. The amount of environmental investment has been in excess of 64 million euro during the last eight years. Investment for 2012–2020 will be of approximately the same order of magnitude.

VKG workers
In this domain the priorities are primarily concerning occupational safety, the collective agreement of wide additional advantages and preserving the industrial traditions. In the case of the latter, VKG aims to organise large scale events in the industrial regions concerned. During 2012, upon the initiative of VKG was organised the Chemists’ Day, the Excavators’ Day and the Day of Senior Citizens. Since 2012 VKG has encouraged its workforce to engage in the practice of welfare and voluntary work.

Ida-Virumaa region, where the enterprise operates
VKG prioritises an ongoing dialogue with local people, educational, cultural and sporting establishments and is supportive of events. VKG has granted memorial stipends at Viru College andalso Tallinn University of Technology. For years, several initiatives have been worked on at Concern, aimed at the region’s narrower target groups.

Culture and sport
Support to culture and sport is manifested primarily as sponsorship activity, which consumes several thousand euros per year. VKG support both nationally important organisations and small scale local events. Besides that, since 2012 we have launched a broad cooperation with Estonia’s main art universities, which provide students with new opportunities to expand their artistic activity.