1Viru Keemia Grupp

Always safe, creating added value, with an increasingly smaller carbon footprint.

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Our values are:

  • Openness
  • Commitment
  • Development

We advance our strategy which is based on safety, a value-adding principle of activity, and the constant reduction of our environmental footprint. We achieve our objective by constantly improving the efficiency of the shale oil and electricity co-production process as well as by basing our activities on a responsible business model.

We work towards a better and cleaner future. Every day.

Main indicators of 2021


tonnes of processed oil shale



tonnes of commercial shale oil



tonnes of fine chemistry and phenol products



MWh of heat and electricity



million tonnes or 96% of waste rock reused as raw material 96%



registered dangerous situations


97 %

of the clients of VKG Soojus installed with remote-readable meters