IT developments
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IT developments

Innovative automatic and IT solutions enhance the efficiency of managing technology and business processes as well as their safety and allow making well-considered and informed decisions.

The audit of IT solutions has been held at the Group, and the strategy has been drawn up, one of the objectives of which is to replace the financial software BAAN and the personnel programme TAAVI with the programme for planning the resources of the companies of the Group (ERP) in the years to come.

The main development trend n 2018 was the provision of coherence between the IT platforms used to manage technology and business processes, the collection and processing of data, which allows generating the required reports from the cloud database on the basis of desired criteria.

Last year we implemented the OSISoft PI programme at VKG Energia, which allows collecting data from the SCADA system used for managing technological processes and link it with other IT programmes as well as visualize with the help of PI Vision. The data is displayed in real time, which allows analysing it on a timely basis and making the best possible managing decisions immediately in the course of the process. Besides, OSISoft enables the operators to restore historical data with the help of the graphs, thus reducing the number of generated reports.

One of the priorities in 2018 was the development of the IFS property management programme in companies, including the formalisation and documentation of orders and measuring the working time. The property management programme and the geoinformation system were integrated, in the result of which it has become possible to link the works done and losses incurred within networks with the coordinates of a specific location in the network.

The business analytical software QlickView was implemented in full extent after the coordination with the data in SCADA. It allows linking and displaying the reporting details concerning the financial, production, environmental, and sales data of the companies.

Last year we also conducted the audit of the computer network, which included network equipment, logical topology, and large-scale monitoring of IT systems. On its basis, we are planning to make investments into the development of hardware and network as well as update the computer network of the Group according to the schedule..

With the purpose of IT safety provision and improvement, the relevant external audit was held, which included thorough tests on the safety of both the physical IT infrastructure and the software systems being in use.

A large-scale IT monitoring system was implemented, and the awareness of users pertaining to safety was tested. The information that was collected will be used for planning further training courses. The report that has been drawn contains recommendations and actions for further developments and improvements in the IT sphere.

In 2019, it is extremely important to continue the testing and implementation of the software aimed at the planning of the resources of the companies in the Group (ERP). Another priority is the mapping on business processes drawn up in previous years as well as the implementation of new IT solutions developed on the basis of maps (As-Is) generated at the stage of analysis, together with the generation of process cards (To-Be). The goal is the automation of environmental reports submitted to the Environmental Board by the Group as well as the reports submitted to the accounting department. We are also making the first steps in the IoT direction, i.e. the internet of things.