Support for regional traditions

VKG for the good of the region

Chemist’s Day
A community celebration organised at the initiative of VKG and in cooperation with the region’s largest chemical industry enterprises Molycorp Silmet, Eastman, Novotrade Invest. The tradition of Chemists’ Day was restored in year 2000.

Miner’s Day

In year 2011, VKG restored the tradition of celebrating Miners’ Day. VKG considers it important to continue the tradition of Miners’ Day as a community celebration. Organising the celebration is the enterprise’s gesture of recognition and deep respect towards all miners and also the residents of the region. 

Elderly people’s Day
In cooperation with the City Government of Kohtla-Järve, VKG is organising the annual Elderly People’s Day. The celebration involves retired people with long work experience in the oil shale industry and also all other elderly people whose work has made a contribution to the development of the city.