VKG for the good of the region

Social responsibility

The main focus of VKG is directed at the region in which it operates. Our supporting activities first and foremost extend to the organisations and events in the town of Kohtla-Järve and the surrounding rural municipalities. Our support focuses on institutions of culture, sports and education.

Help and support VKG have provided in 2013:

Union of Firefighting Sport
Kohtla-Järve Ice Hockey Club Viru Sputnik
Maarja Päikesekodu
Jõhvi Culture– and hobby centre
Kohtla-Järve Järve Gymnasium
Kohtla-Järve Järve Russian Gymnasium
Ahtme Gymnasium
Kohtla-Järve football club FC Lootus
MTÜ Atsalama mixed choir
MTÜ Mäeinstituudi mountain circle
Kohtla-Järve children judo-club “Afina”
Rägavere parish village society ”KAI”
Kohtla-Järve kindergarten “Punamütsike”
Kiirderanniku choir
Kiikla children home
Kohtla-Järve childrens home
Kohtla parish kindergarten “Tuvike”
Kohtla-Järve Sports Society ”Kalev”
Ahtme Art School
Kohtla-Järve sports-club “NRK”

Uljaste Triibu fishing event
Alutaguse ski marathon
Piret Niglas memorial sports competition
ELO National winter games
Mäetaguse villages’ sports day
Mäetaguse Kalina marathon
Lüganuse parish day
Kohtla-Nõmme popular sports day
Kiikla küla sports day
Maidla parish days
Colorado Oil Shale Symposium
TTÜ Viru College organised „”Oil Shale Conference”
Viru Marathon
Five Schools Competition