Permissions and licenses

VKG for the good of the environment

Intergated permits:

  • VKG Oil AS, Petroter Unit, Integrated Environmental Permit No KKL/300389, valid since 09.10.2009 – permanent;
  • VKG Oil AS, Integrated Environmental Permit No L.KKL.IV-198338, valid since 02.04.2009 – permanent;
  • VKG Oil AS, Phenol Recovery Facility, Chemical Unit, Synthetic Resins Section, Integrated Environmental Permit No L.KKL.IV-46640, valid since 30.12.2005 - permanent;
  • VKG Energia, Põhja HPS, Integrated Environmental Permit No L.KKL.IV-204118, valid since 15.07.2009 - permanent.

Other permits:

  • VKG, Waste Permit L.JÄ.IV-53583
  • VKG Oil AS, Water Use Permit L.VV/318552
  • VKG Oil AS, Resin Recovery Unit, Ambient Air Pollution Permit  L.ÕV/300740
  • VKG Energia OÜ, Water Use Permit L.VV/300431
  • VKG Energia OÜ, Ambient Air Pollution Permit L.ÕV.IV-171225
  • VKG Energia OÜ, Waste Permit L.JÄ/318608
  • VKG Transport AS, Waste Permit L.JÄ/300772
  • Viru RMT OÜ, Waste Permit L.JÄ.IV-53427


  • VKG Oil AS, Hazardous Waste Handling Licence, Registration No 0213;
  • VKG Transport AS, Hazardous Waste Handling Licence, Registration No 0231.

Addional information:

Diana Revjako
Head of Environment Department