Environment protection

VKG for the good of the environment

In its activity VKG pays a great attention to the protection of environment. The concern`s main priorities in this field are prevention and minimization of production impact to the environment.
The mission of the concern is applying of modern technologies, economic use of oil shale resource and full use of its potential.
The concern seeks being an open and reliable enterprise operating based on a uniform management system for the protection of environment and paying the most attention to an economic use of natural assets.

The concern developed a uniform policy in the field of the protection of environment, which is based on the following principles:
1. the concern carries out all its activities in conformity with the requirements of the international standard ISO 14001 of the environmental management system;
2. the concern identifies ecological aspects and impact on the environment due to the production operation of the enterprise and gives an assessment of their conformity to acts of law and other valid requirements;
3. in its day-to-day activities VKG follows the requirements derived from the acts of law, conventions and contracts of the Republic of Estonia and the EC;
4. VKG attaches importance to informing local institutions and residents about the activities of the concern and their potential impact on the environment;
5. VKG pays much attention to a sustainable development of the concern by means of use of big amounts of materials and waste, originated from its production operation;
6. the concern cooperates with scientific and research institutions both when finding solutions of environmental problems and developing new technologies;
7. VKG inspires its employees to improve their knowledge of the protection of environment, welcomes and encourages practical application of this knowledge;
8. in its operation the concern rests upon the value of Estonian oil shale, processing out its full potential and producing thereof additional values in the form of many oil shale derived products.