Workers knowledge about labor safety

Labour safety

The enterprise has worked out a requirements system that enables each employee to be competent to perform his work. This system establishes requirements for professional education, skills and experience. The requirements for each job are stipulated in post descriptions, procedures, regulations and safety instructions. Each subsidiary employs safety personnel, or working environment specialists, and a safety induction for workers is conducted. When any new person is employed, working environment specialist conducts a primary safety induction. In the case of regular workers, a periodic additional safety instruction is organised by the chief of a respective unit. Additional training is provided for employees. Safety enforcement is compulsory for any employee.

The enterprise provides its staff with the protective equipment required, and the direction takes care of its availability and use.

Health control is guaranteed to all employees of the concern, once a year or every second year according to their jobs. There is a risk analysis of working places made in the company at regular intervals.

The conformity to the requirements of all factors of the workplace is assessed within the framework of an administrative survey.