Accident prevention measures

Labour safety

The administration of VKG allocates the resources required for the more effective operation of management systems based on the following:

  • Approved structure of subsidiaries.
  • Determined responsibility of administration.
  • Determined rights and obligations of the employees.
  • Permanent assessment of risks related to workplaces and constant monitoring.

To detect hazards, assess risks and implement preventive measures, the company has worked out a procedure of risk assessment for the working environment, which appoints the methodology of risk assessment. Action principles have been communicated to all employees through common discussions and training, and they are available in manuals for the management system. The conformity of action principles (as the base for the company’s actions) are regularly reconsidered by the direction, and goals are accordingly set for operational safety and health care. To help towards the achievement of these goals, a management programme is drawn up in which the results of risk assessment have been considered. When drawing up management programmes, the direction of the concern and its subsidiaries has fixed and planned various activities and allocated the resources required to achieve the goals of labour safety and health care at the enterprise and to constantly improve the management system. Viru Keemia Grupp AS invested 9.9 mln kroons in 2008 and 6.1 mln kroons in 2009 into the improvement of its working environment.