VKG for the good of its employees

Social responsibility

Since its foundation at the beginning of last century, the First Estonian Oil Shale Processing Enterprise has undergone many changes, several generations of its employees have passed. But main social characteristics specifying an industrial enterprise still remain in force, and they are devotion of employees to the production, maintenance of its old traditions and special corporative principles of support of their employees which are only natural to industrial enterprises. So, following to traditions of the enterprise, VKG takes upon itself additional non-legislative obligations with regard to its employees.

Since 1948 a collective agreement of the trade union of chemists is made, and it is still valid as a contract between the enterprise and its employees. The contract is reconsidered every two years, and the contract actually in force is expiring 31.12.2011. The contract foresees pay scale increase for employees in case of evening or night work and fixes amount and timing of payments in case of certain family events.

The main tradition of the enterprise are its holidays. The most impressive VKG tradition is the yearly festivity of Chemical Worker`s Day which takes place on last Saturday of May and is a holiday for all the town.
Each year in October the concern organizes for its former employees actually in pension the holiday of Long-Time Employee.
In August VKG organizes the First Year Pupil’s Day in the frames of which the enterprise congratulates all the children of the concern’s employees going to school for the first time.
For Christmas some traditional events take place both for employees and their children.

To keep its appr. one and half thousand employees informed about what is ongoing in the concern, the enterprise publishes its own newspaper under the name of Viru Keemik. It appears once a month on paper and its electronic version in intranet is weekly updated.

Nevertheless the main aspect of care about its employees for the enterprise is their safety. To guarantee the labour safety at the industrial enterprise, VKG applies the international system of occupational safety OHSAS.