VKG for arts and sports

Social responsibility

"Behind each accomplishment in sports there are hidden tens and hundreds of times of pushing oneself to self-discipline and 100% of commitment. My major titles, the support of the Estonian people and the sponsors have justified this commitment and have given me the incentive to keep the Estonian flag up high in the world“.

Olympic silver medal winner, Heiki Nabi

SINCE 2005 VKG has been the LEAD SPONSOR of the Estonian Wrestling Union.

EESTI KONTSERT (Estonian State Philharmonics)
VKG has been a sponsor of EESTI KONTSERT since 2009.

In cooperation with the EK Jõhvi Concert Hall VKG has launched several initiatives for the advancement of cultural life in the area: the Kaljo Kiisk Scholarship for Young Filmmakers, the first Virumaa County Photo Competition and the Virumaa County tree-planting bee with the staff of both companies.

The sponsorship of VKG made it possible to bring guest performers for Richard Strauss’ opera „The Knight of the Rose“ as well as for Vincenzo Bellini’s opera „Norma“ to Estonia in 2012. In both of the performances some of the best soloists in the world took part.

Due to the sponsorship of VKG, in May of 2012, Estonia’s best known and most popular composer Arvo Pärt and the world top class ballet dancer and choreographer Nacho Duato met at the Jõhvi Ballet Festival.  The meeting took place in the Jõhvi Concert Hall during the V Jõhvi Ballet Festival. VKG has sponsored the Jõhvi Ballet Festival since 2009.

In spring of 2012, VKG undersigned cooperation agreements with Estonia’s largest two art schools.  The purpose of the cooperation is to provide opportunities for the students which will support the organisation of education in the region as well as summer apprenticeships.