Nomination procedure

Kaljo Kiisk grant

Grant nomination order:

  • People to be nominated are film directors, producers, cameramen, composers, artists and creative teams;
  • Candidates can be proposed by both legal bodies and private citizens;
  • We ask to submit before November 1st, 2010, the CV of a candidate or a collective portfolio of a creative team together with the film material shot in Ida-Virumaa (we accept story, documental and advertizing films, both feature-length and short-length films) to the address: Kino Amadeus, Pargi 40, Jõhvi. We ask you to indicate contact data of a proposer, in the case he is not the grant recipient.

We also ask to specify how long time the footage took and what were footage places and locations in Ida-Virumaa. Candidates can be under 40-years-old filmmakers.