Kaljo Kiisk – biography

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Kaljo Kiisk (December 3,1925, Voka district, Vaivina village – September 20, 2007, Tallinn) was an Estonian actor, film producer and politician.

In 1944 he was serving in Waffen-SS and he took part in Sinimäe battle as an anti-aircraft gunner.

In 1946 he left the 1st Comprehensive School of Rakvere; in 1946–1947 he studied underground extraction in Tallinn Polytechnical Institute. In 1947 he began studying at Estonian State Theatre Institute, but in 1948 he moved to Moscow, to study in Estonian Studio of Moscow Theatre and Cinema Art Institute, which he graduated in 1953 from. After that Kiisk became an actor of Tallinn Drama Theatre and in 1955–1990 film producer in Tallinnfilm film production house. In 1980 Kiisk was entitled a Peopleˇs Artiste of Estonian SSR.

In 1962–1987 Kiisk was first secretary of the Board of Estonian Cineasts. Kaljo Kiisk was a member of the Central Committee of Estonian Communist Party. In 1980–1990 he was a deputy to the Supreme Soviet of Estonian SSR, since 1985 a member of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of Estonian SSR, in 1989–1991 a deputy to the USSR. In 1995 and 1999 Kaljo Kiisk was elected a member of the State Assembly where he represented Estonian Reform Party. In 2003 when having left the Assembly, he was the oldest member of the State Assembly ever known.