VKG Soojus AS

Products and services

The enterprise supplies heat power the town of Kohtla-Järve, Ahtme urban area and Jõhvi district. Long-distance heat is being supplied to 1310 facilities. The enterprise employs 37 people. The construction of Ahtme heat power station had started in the wartime of WWII, and it was the most powerful station in Estonian energy system until the implementation of Baltic Heat Power Station

On January 1st, 2013 the old Ahtme heat power station is going to be closed due to EU environmental regulations, and Ahtme and Jõhvi regions are going to be heated using a heat pipeline which goes from Kohtla-Järve industrial territory. Over 20 km long and appr. 20 mln euros worth heat pipeline will supply residual heat from local oil shale processing. To secure regional power production in present and future, a boiler house for peak and back-up loads was set off in March 2011.

VKG Energia OÜ, VKG`s daughter company, became on March 8 an official owner of the whole stock of shares of Kohtla-Järve Soojus AS. VKG Energia has taken over the local heat producer and distributor, and it became possible due to VKG`s strong conviction that local oil shale industry is the best and most logical heat source within the region of Kohtla-Järve, Jõhvi and Ahtme.