Total shale oil phenols

Phenols and phenol products

Total phenols are produced by extraction from oil shale retort liquor. High reactive alkyl derivatives of resorcinol are the main components of total phenols. 


CAS Number 807618-23-1
EC Number 447-750-9
Appearance Dark brown to black viscous liquid
Boiling point, °С 175-340
Melting point, °С 16
Other names:

Mixture of oil shale phenols, shale oil phenols


Phenols, wt. %
(mixture of mono and dihydro phenols, not linked to benzene)
min. 95,0
Neutral oils, wt. %
max 3,5
Water, wt. %
max 1.0
Ash, wt. %
max 0.06

Used as a chemical intermediate for synthetic tanning agents, various adhesive resins and plugging compositions for the repair and insulation of oil and gas wells.


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