Oil shale phenols fraction HONEYOL

Phenols and phenol products

Honeyol is a complex mixture of alkylphenols and alkyl resorcinols. It is obtained by distillation of the butyl acetate extract of oil shale retorting water and collecting the fraction condensing at 270-320 oC.  


EC Number 447-760-3
Appearance amber solid
Boiling point, °С 266-320
Melting point, °С 53-77
Density, kg/m³ (at 20 °C) 1140-1170
Solubility soluble in cold water, methanol, diethylether
Other names:

Mixture of oil shale phenols, shale oil phenols


5-methylresorcinol, wt.%, min. 48
5-ethylresorcinol, wt.%, max. 12
Resorcinol, wt.%, max. 7
Monohydroxy phenols, wt.%, max. 1
Water, wt.%, max. 1


HONEYOL could be used in the manufacture of

  • tires (essential component of an adhesive system) and rubber products; 
  • various adhesives, specially in high performance wood adhesives (wood bonding applications demanding room temperature cure together with structural integrity and waterproof characteristics),
  • resins;
  • gluey compounds;
  • plastics;
  • fire retardant plastic additives;light screening agents for the protection of plastics from exposure to ultraviolet light;
  • UV light stabilizers;
  • flame retardants;
  • agricultural chemicals;
  • fungicidal creams and lotions;
  • antioxidants;
  • dyes;
  • explosive primers;
  • polyurethane chain extenders;
  • synthetic tanning agents;
  • and numerous other organic chemical compounds.

In number of above mentioned applications HONEYOL could easily replace traditionally used synthetic resorcinols. HONEYOL’s higher activity (compared with the synthetic resorcinol) lowers the essential quantities resulting with significant cost-saving effects.

The material has weak acid properties. Stable under ambient conditions. Reacts with oxidizing agents, alkalis. Contact with oxygen would result with oxidized product layer. Conditions of fire, explosion and chemical reactions can cause the release of toxic vapours or gases. 

Samples in quantities up to 400 ml are available on request.


In any interest please contact

Diana Berseneva
Sales manager (fine chemicals and resorcinol products, logistics)