Resin SF - 281

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SF-281 resin is obtained by condensation of a narrow-boiling fraction of shale phenols and formaldehyde in the presence of a catalyst and an additive reducing the product agglomeration upon its storage. Non-explosive and flammable.
SF-281 resin is used in tyre and rubber -technical industry for preparing rubber mixtures to improve wear resistance of the automobile tyres and rubber-technical articles.

Appearance powder or particles
of dark-brown
colour, sized
max 30 mm
Softening point, °C within 95 - 105
Ash content, %, max 0.3
Volatiles, wt., %, max 1.0
Iron oxide (as Fe2O3), wt., %, max 0.02

Shipped in polyethylene big-bags ~ 1 t each.