Products and services

VKG Oil AS is the leading Estonian enterprise in the production of shale oil and oil shale chemicals. Shale oil and shale gas produced by the plant supply heat to households in Estonia and within the Nordic countries. Due to its useful properties, shale oil produced by VKG is in high demand from ships that navigate the severe conditions of the Arctic and Atlantic Oceans. Fine chemical products generated from oil shale are used in the perfumery and cosmetics industries, as well as in the production of high-class cars. The enterprise produces 451,300 tons of shale oil per year, with over 23.48 million tons of the so-called “brown gold” being processed.

In 2009, VKG Oil AS won the title of Best Estonian Enterprise.
In December 2009, a new plant, Petroter, came into use. In August 2014, the Petroter II plant was launched successfully at VKG and the Petroter III wa slaunched in autumn 2015.

At present, VKG Oil AS employs 690 people.