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At the Group, responsibility for oil shale mining rests with VKG Kaevandused OÜ, which owns the mine at Ojamaa. Furthermore, assets owned by the company expanded by part of the former mine at Sompa in autumn 2009. Excavation fields are situated in the most attractive of the currently unused areas and hold oil shale that ideally suits VKG’s needs. Besides mining assets in Estonia, the company has a mining permit also in Ukraine (mining permit for approximately 350 million tonnes at the Boltyshki occurrence).

VKG received the mining permit for the mine at Ojamaa in 2004; from 2007, preparations began for its opening, and in July 2009 the digging bucket broke ground for the first time. Ojamaa lies to the south of VKG’s facilities, at a distance of 12.5 kilometres. The mine and the grounds of the production facilities are linked by a covered transporter unique in Estonia.

Since 2010, the mine at Ojamaa has been producing fine oil shale for the Petroter I plant. At the end of the year, construction began on a 12-kilometre conveyor; commissioning of the transporter began in January 2012. In April 2012, the processing facility began operating at Ojamaa. The mine at Ojamaa reached full capacity in May 2013.

The oil shale mine at Ojamaa is Estonia’s first new mine built since the re-establishment of independence.