VKG Elektrivõrgud OÜ

Products and services

VKG Elektrivõrgud, a member of the VKG concern, possesses a power distribution network from Narva to Sillamäe. The region has in excess of 100,000 residents who are supplied with electrical power through the lines of VKG Elektrivõrgud, 430 km of which are high and middle-voltage while 380 km are low-voltage transmission lines. Aside from meeting the requirements of private consumers and small enterprises, VKG Elektrivõrgud also plays an important part in providing electrical power services to the big industrial enterprises located in Narva and Sillamäe.

Each year, VKG Elektrivõrgud makes important investments in the maintenance of lines, substations and other facilities, and year after year it helps to decrease electrical power losses while increasing network operation reliability. In addition to the existing consumers, numerous new people are switching to VKG Elektrovõrgud each year, which makes the operations of VKG Elektrovõrgud more challenging.