Products and services

Viru RMT is an enterprise with extensive experience in providing repair and assembly services. The enterprise’s activities include the repair and servicing of processing units, the production of metal details and construction and rendering assembly services.

The enterprise’s current activities include:

  • repair and servicing of processing units;
  • fabrication of metal goods and constructions;
  • lifting and repair of lifting devices;
  • design, assembly and servicing of control systems for automation systems and production processes, together with software engineering;
  • building and repair of heat, water, sewerage and gas distribution networks;
  • painting of vehicles and facilities.

The most important tasks from the immediate past have to do with participation in the construction of the mine at Ojamaa, both above- and underground. With our participation, one of the longest transporters in Europe, a processing plant and several underground transporters have been built. Underground work by miners is made safer by a state-of-the-art mining communications solution unique in Estonia. The fruit of the labour of Viru RMT’s engineers, fully automated control systems have been completed for both the VKG oil plants and the production equipment at the power plant. 

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