New names of VKG shale oils


24. November 2005

As a result of the audit conducted in autumn 2005, Viru Keemia Grupp AS (VKG) harmonised its selection of shale oil products and adopted new product names.

VKG also introduced new testing methods that comply with world standards and discontinued the use of the GOST system labelling.

“The new names of VKG shale oils are better related to the trademark of VKG and increase the company’s recognition in the market of ship fuel producers and consumers,” said Janek Parkman, the Chairman of the Management Board, explaining the decision.

The following low viscosity and sulphur content oils are produced by VKG:

VKG Extra Light — used mostly in small boiler plants but also for heating grain dryers;

VKG Light — for improving the quality indicators (viscosity, relative density, sulphur content) of the fuel oil used as ship fuel;

VKG Sweet — low sulphur-content oil exported mostly to Western Europe (Demark, Germany and the Netherlands). Used for similar purposes as VKG Light;

VKG D — fuel oil used primarily in the boiler plants of Estonian apartment buildings;
VKG C — special fuel oil intended for Estonian market.

Additional information:

Elina Kink
Head of Public Relations, VKG
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