People of mass media 2009


31. December 2009



Nikolai Petrovich has been as good as gold for the owners of Viru Keemia Grupp. Under his guidance oil generators were for years transforming oil shale tons into hundreds millions kroons of profit and brought the most important national awards for enterpreneurship.
The year 2009 has been full of hard trials for Mr. Petrovich. One of the guarantors of previous success, oil prise tending to shoot up, came down with a run driving also down the price of shale oil ton. Up to the bottom level, making even think whether it is reasonable to continue plant operation. In spring a new trouble came, when the profit seeking of Eesti Energia restricted the VKG oil industry to an oil shale diet. Nevertheless, the shale oil industry in Kohtla-Järve could survive. Moreover, a new plant appeared in its territory suggesting with its shape a big ocean ship.
There are not many people in Estonia who have given their names to a plant. Especially to a plant which costs over one billion kroons. The owners of VKG have given to the new plant the name of Petroter meaning Petrovich. It is now his matter of honour to start the plant operation as soon as possible.