Petroter II growing each day


22. July 2013

Already the second Petroter plant is springing up on the VKG production territory. More than half of the work is done while approximately 100 people work on the site every day.

Currently, the most important tasks are the installation of the air heat exchangers in the Condensation Department and installation of steel structures in the retorting part above +26.900. The construction work is also progressing at a rapid pace: the substation building and the walls and roof of the Retorting Department are yet to be built in addition to the internal heating and ventilation system, lighting and low-current system.

In July, the team hopes to finalise essential procurements of which the majority are formed by competitions for the performance of assembly work. Communication with the worldwide suppliers of technical equipment also takes a fair amount of time in order for all the suppliers to be able to supply the required equipment by the agreed time and on the agreed terms and conditions.

According to Aivar Noorema, Project Manager, the biggest challenge for the project team in every project is to stay on schedule and within the agreed budget, and non-stop work is performed for the achievement thereof during the entire project.