Technologies in use

Petroter technology uses the pyrolysis (semi-coking) process to treat fine-grained oil shale (0-25 mm fraction) with a solid heat carrier. Through a mixture of oil shale and heated ash in the absence of air, the heating and (by sufficient temperature) destruction of organic matter contained in oil shale occurs followed by the emission of liquids and gases. The share of the fine-grained fraction in mined oil shale is approx. 70 %. The 25–125 mm fraction is used for the thermal processing of oil shale using Galoter technology.

The Solid Heat Carrier Plant (SHCP) is designed for the thermal decomposition (pyrolysis) of fine-grained technological oil shale, with the objective of producing shale oils, gas with high calorific value and high-pressure steam. The oil shale pyrolysis process is effected in a drum rotating reactor in the absence of air, at a temperature of 450–500°C, due to the mixture of oil shale with hot ash (as a solid heat carrier). Vapour-gas mixture that appears in the reactor during the pyrolysis process is fed through several process vessels to be refined from ash and mechanical impurities, and then it is subject to a distillation process to produce liquid products and gas with high calorific value. Liquid products are fed to other units for loading as final products or for further processing. Gas is fed to the heat power plant for heat and power production. Steam is fed to the heat power plant for power production. The by-products of this process include phenol water, flue gases and ash from thermal processing.