Kiviter technology

Technologies in use

The heat required for the thermal processing of oil shale is obtained by burning a part of the gas that appears within the process. The process itself takes place in a vertical retort with a cross-sectional heat carrier (Kiviter type retort). Oil shale from which a small-sized fraction has been selected is fed to the retort from above. Oil shale from the loading box enters a distillation chamber and goes downwards, and hot flows of fuel gases pass through this chamber towards the oil shale movement. Oil and water vapours and gas of low heating value that originate from distillation are emitted from the retort top and are fed to the condensation unit where oil and water condense. Raw oil is now to be refined in oil extraction and distillation units. Phenol water reaches the phenol recovery unit. Retort gas is partly fed back into the process and is burnt to create the heat carrier required, and the remaining gas is sent to the power plant for heat and power production. Semi-coke from oil shale processing is discharged from the retort base and is stored in a semi-coke storage area.