Development activity

At the end of 2006, the new European policy of chemicals was adopted and on 1 June 2007 it came into force under the name of REACH (Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals), i.e. new norms for the evaluation, authorisation and registration of chemicals. REACH aims to determine registration requirements on already available chemicals and new ones, and it also intends to ensure the safe use of chemicals for human health and environment.

The new system requires the registration of any material being produced or imported into the EU in an amount of over 1 ton per year. Chemicals are to be registered step by step within 11 years. Chemicals produced in bigger amounts and with elevated hazard levels must be first registered. The registration schedule and data required for this purpose depend on the amount and hazard level of the chemicals being produced. To register a chemical, a registration file must be provided, a safety data sheet compiled and a safety report drafted for chemical production of over 10 tons per year. In the file of such a chemical, all data on its physical, chemical, toxic and ecotoxic properties are to be specified. The amount of data required depends on the amount of chemical produced/imported at the enterprise and on its hazard level. Missing data are to be provided by the enterprise, and the required physical, chemical, toxic and ecotoxic tests are to be conducted according to the EU specifications.

No single non-registered chemical should be either produced, imported or used!

Viru Keemia Grupp and its subsidiary companies have made a preliminary registration of approx. 30 chemicals. The registration of 5 of these chemicals is planned for December 2010.

Furthermore, 8 chemicals have already been recorded in the ELINCS list (New European Chemicals).

The contact person for queries related to the fulfillment of the REACH requirements is Meelika Nõmme, Specialist of VKG R&D department,