Phosphorite study


In 2011, VKG started to map the possible alternatives for using phosphorite.

The reason for such a course of action is, above all, extraction of mineral wealth and chemical industry being the company’s main business and the fact that we find it reasonable to educate ourselves in the given sphere.

VKG attaches high relevance to being aware, at contemporary level, of the current status of Estonia’s mineral wealth and the possible alternatives for their utilisation in such a way, that both the state and local authorities will benefit, as maximum, from the creation of added value and, what’s most important, minimised environmental impacts.

The purpose of studying the utilisation potential for phosphorite is to assess the size of reserves available, their quality, availability and possibilities for environmental sound extraction of these resources, adopting contemporary technologies. According to the plans, specialists and researchers from, above all, Estonia, but also other countries of the world, will be involved in the studies, which include close co-operation with the local authorities of locations of phosphorite deposits and all the stakeholders involved.