VKG to build a lime factory


VKG will start with the construction of a lime production facility during the 1st half of 2013. The output of the works is intended to meet the requirements of operating sulphur trapping device and to satisfy the future demand of new trapping devices (the Group plans to build at least two sulphur trapping devices).

Vertical lime kiln with the capacity of 75 tons per day will be installed to the territory of Northern Power Station of VKG Energia, at the end of boiler house.

This location enjoys the advantages of the vicinity of heating gas pipelines and also the opportunity of storing raw limestone supplies immediately next to the lime production facility.

Dump from Ojamaa quarry will be used as the raw material for lime production; dump with maximum calcium carbonate concentration will be chosen for production purposes.
Whole production of the facility – ground anhydrous lime – will be used to trap sulphur dioxide from the emissions of Northern Power Station of VKG Energia.
Ground lime will be pumped, using pneumatic transport system, straight from the production facility to a reservoir for the storage of anhydrous lime and further to NID-treatment station.