Expansion of shale oils production


The biggest VKG investment to be fully operational according to its time schedule despite the economic downturn in 2009 was the building of the new Petroter oil plant with efficiency of 0.9 mln tons, which started in 2007. Though construction work on the site was finalised in October, the independent startup and testing works of technologic units had already started mid-year. In August, the testing of the sequence of all technological processes in hot gas conditions (without oil shale) began, which was followed by a test period with an inert solid material in September and October. Since November, they have started scheduled testing startups with oil shale.

By the end of the year, the plant could reach its design capacity of 130 tons of oil shale per hour for short-term periods, and the sustainability and operating capacity of the whole plant has now been confirmed. Some small defects detected during start-up operations have been removed within the periods between startups, bigger issues have been fixed, and improved technological solutions have been determined. As is often the case with start-up operations of a large-scale that are based on new technology and sophisticated industrial equipment, testing and startup works at the Petroter plant are planned to be conducted within a 6-month period, and this period will be used to modify and redesign some technological units based on experience gained during the plant operation.

In 2013, the VKG began construction of a third plant Petroter III, which takes 80 million euros. The plant will be launched at the beginning of 2015 and 100 people will be employed there.