VKG Strategic goals

VKG business philosophy

1. Full utilisation of the organic and mineral potential of oil shale.

  • 100% extraction of the finest chemicals from oil shale and their processing on an industrial scale.
  • Production of construction materials based on waste from the processing of oil shale.

2. Increase the output of oil shale based fuel oils and the improvement in the quality of these fuel oils.

  • Increase in the production volume of oil shale.
  • Selection of a technology for diesel oil production and the commencement of its production in order to fully cater for the market demand for diesel oil within Estonia.

3. Development of two technologies in use at VKG – KIVITER and PETROTER.

4. Development of cooperation within Estonia for a more effective utilisation of oil shale in the long term.

5. Creation of a modern oil shale processing complex outside of Estonia.