Oil shale can be found in several countries in the world, and its reserves are very large. However, it is extracted
and processed only in a few places. In addition to such large countries as Brazil, China, Germany and Israel, at
present Estonia is the third place on the globe where oil shale is processed on an industrial scale. The main
products of oil shale are fuels, both in the form of shale oil and shale gas.

VKG is the largest manufacturer of shale oil and chemicals in Estonia. In 2014, the processing capacity of
the group amounted to 23.48 mln tons of oil shale, and the amount of produced crude oil made up 451,300
tons. VKG covers the entire oil shale processing chain, starting from its extraction and processing
and finishing with marketing of fine chemicals.

The enterprise is also one of the most renowned local developers in terms of caring about its employees and the local community. In 2010, VKG joined the most powerful international initiative for social responsibility – GRI and UN Global Compact.

In the world, VKG comes second for its processing capacities after the oil shale processing facility in Fushun, China, and before the oil shale processing company Petrobras in Brazil.